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A  proud people,  engaged in a lifestyle of fishing, gardening and celebrating, the Fijians have become known around the world for the intoxicating kindness that they share with new friends and the joy which defines the way they live each day. There are several villages a short distance from Nuku Resort which welcome our guests to join them for any of the daily activities which would interest them.  Explore the villages and meet the locals, share a laugh or story and discover the spirit of Fiji.

- Participate in Fijian culture;

- Enjoy a Lovo feast, Meke dance and Kava drinking

- Experience traditional handicrafts including pandanus mat and basket weaving

- Share lunch with a Fijian family

- Visit a local school                                                                                                             

- Attend a Sunday church service and hear the beautiful choral singing                            

- Learn the significance of coconuts to the Fijian way of life

- Witness a bait fish drive

Village visits are easily arranged for our guests through the Nuku Resort staff.

Nuku Fiji Resort - Where tropical Paradise meets Old World Charm